NEW Bimi® Case Study

Case Study

Sales of Bimi® - the European sister brand to Tenderstem® - have soared since Coregeo® took over the licensing and marketing of the brand in 2016.

In 2017 sales of Bimi® increased by 50 per cent kilos. Strengthening relationships with licensees and retailers, the roll-out of new branded packaging to the marketplace and strong collaborations with top German and Scandinavian media have all helped to boost the brand’s profile and drive sales.

The team at Coregeo® have collaborated with leading food, health and lifestyle publications as well as writers and bloggers (including Elle Republic and FoodWatch) to raise awareness of the brand and to communicate inspiring recipe ideas to consumers. Coverage has extended to social media channels including Instagram and Facebook which is driving engagement with the brand too.

Coregeo®, as the pan-European master licensor of Bimi®, is now looking to capitalise on the potential of the brand and replicate the success of Tenderstem® by using its unique business model and brand management expertise and experience.

Results that speak for themselves

  • Sales of Bimi® soared by 50% in 2017
  • Coregeo took over the licensing and marketing of the brand in April 2016
  • By the start of 2018 Bimi® had already achieved over 9,400 Facebook Likes and 1,500 Instagram Followers


Andy Macdonald, Managing Director at Coregeo®, said: “We are very excited about the prospects for the Bimi® brand across Europe. The growth levels we are seeing are very promising and reflect the success we’ve delivered to sister brand, Tenderstem®, to date. Our unique business model enables us to develop the brand in innovative ways using our unrivalled fresh produce marketing and brand management expertise.”

Andy Macdonald, Coregeo’s Managing Director


Below you’ll find examples of some of the work we are currently developing with Bimi®


European brand name for Tenderstem®

New packaging

The packaging initiative is only the start of a larger marketing strategy for Bimi®


New branded packaging has helped to boost the profile of Bimi® and drive sales

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