Metis® Case Study

Case Study

Metis® is a unique fruit brand and Coregeo® has been tasked with bringing four brand members of the fruit to the attention of buyers and consumers in the UK – a key strategic market for Metis® - in the brand’s first European PR and marketing campaign.

Coregeo® – appointed the brand’s UK marketing agency in September 2016 – is masterminding a brand awareness campaign as well as helping the European in-house team to develop strategy and communications.

The branded fruit, a natural cross between a plum and an apricot, made its debut in UK fresh produce aisles in April 2017 in tandem with a campaign to raise awareness about the arrival of the new fruit.

Coregeo® teamed up with top food and family bloggers and digital influencers to share recipe ideas and educate readers about the new fruit, as well as its benefits and differences from other stone fruit, while promoting Tesco as the brand’s main stockist. The key influencers, with nearly ¼ million social media followers, have popular blogs that attract more than 660,000 page views.

The campaign also involved the delivery of Metis® presentation boxes to 40 carefully selected media titles including Country Homes Magazine, Telegraph Food and Good Homes. The boxes were accompanied by other ingredients to enable journalists to prepare and then write about a suggested recipe. Writers then shared details on social media, reaching almost 126,000 readers in the process. Three journalists attended a press trip to an orchard in Seville to learn more about the origins of Metis® which were also then shared on individual and media title social media pages. This resulted in 250,000 immediate opportunities to see a mention of Metis® with a further two million projected opportunities to see a mention once more planned articles and recipes appear.

These activities were supported by advertising via Facebook and Instagram to either raise awareness of the brand or to encourage consumers to engage with the brand by clicking on a recipe video or clicking through to the Metis® website for more information.

Results that speak for themselves

  • Coregeo® was appointed the UK marketing
    agency for Metis® in September 2016
  • The Metis® brand first appeared in UK
    supermarket aisles in April 2017
  • In Autumn 2017 the Metis® Facebook and
    Instagram adverts reached more than 135,000 users
  • The Autumn 2017 campaign resulted in 53,875
    unique users taking action
  • More than 28,000 people viewed our Metis®
    10-second video online.



Michelle Evans, Coregeo’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “Coregeo® is really excited to be bringing the Metis® brand to the UK market. It has huge potential for growth in the UK and across Europe as it’s a high-quality product which is delicious and always ready to eat so it provides a consistently great eating experience. Consumers also have a real appetite for trying new fruit varieties. It’s early days in the Metis® journey but the outlook is very promising.”

Michelle Evans, Coregeo’s Chief Marketing Officer


Metis® is a unique fruit brand which first appeared in UK supermarket aisles in 2017


Bees play a leading role in the development of the Metis® fruit – a natural cross between a plum and an apricot


Coregeo® has been appointed to market four varieties of Metis® in the UK


We have collaborated with carefully selected media titles, resulting in articles and recipes appearing in print and on social media platforms


We’re working with top bloggers and digital influencers to develop recipe ideas which help to raise awareness of the Metis® brand


Journalists have shared recipe ideas with their readers after receiving Metis® presentation boxes as part of our awareness-raising campaign


Our PR and marketing campaign is supported by social media advertising to encourage consumers to engage with the Metis® brand

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