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Tenderstem® is the leading brand of brassica in the UK and the UK’s second largest fresh produce brand – behind Pink Lady®. The premium brand has enjoyed double-digit growth for the past nine years and continues to go from strength to strength.

In 2017 Tenderstem® smashed through the 10 million kilo mark to post year-end sales of 10.7 million kilos – a 14% increase on 2016. Total UK brand awareness also rose from 47% to 54% in 2017.

At the end of 2017 frozen Tenderstem® was launched in the UK in a world first for the brand as we continue to develop opportunities to grow the brand in new and exciting ways.

Coregeo®, as Master Licensor for Tenderstem® in the UK, has masterminded the year-on-year growth of Tenderstem® using its unique business model and its unparalleled mix of intellectual property expertise, brand management experience and innovative trade and consumer marketing services.

Tenderstem® Facts

Setting the record
In 2017 Tenderstem® set a new volume sales record of over 10 million kilos – a 20-fold increase on the ½ million kg sold in 2004.

Growth on growth
The premium brand has achieved accelerated growth over the last decade and continues to outperform the rest of the market averaging 25 per cent volume growth over the last three years.

A household name
The significant increase in public awareness has brought with it sales worth £40million.

The gold standard

A year-round ‘stemsational’ advertising campaign, including a strong digital presence, has continued to drive home the key benefits of Tenderstem® in a fun and engaging way, strengthening awareness of the brand and its versatility as well as driving a deeper engagement with consumers. A carefully targeted press strategy and our PR and social media campaigns have been supported by trade activity, samplings, demonstrations, workshops and other experiential activity. A digital advertising campaign delivered strong results with Christmas-themed interactive Gmail adverts generating a click-through rate (CTR) of 87% and high engagement levels. YouTube recipe videos also succeeded in attracting more than 1 million views.

In 2017 Tenderstem® continued to forge strong partnerships with key influencers, including TV personality and food writer Donal Skehan as part of a National Recipe Hunt competition.

This intense level of brand promotion is only possible due to Coregeo’s unique business model which reinvests the majority of royalty fees into marketing activity. Its gold standard status is carefully guarded by robust brand protection and promotion and by ensuring the product’s premium quality and consistency is never compromised.


Results that speak for themselves

  • Tenderstem® sales exceeded 10 million kilos for the first time in 2017
  • Tenderstem® continues to outperform an otherwise static market, with a sales increase of 14% 
  • The brand has enjoyed double-digit growth for the past 9 years
  • Awareness of the brand in the UK has risen from 47% to 54% in 2017 
  • Tenderstem® has more than 19,000 Facebook fans and 12,200 followers on Twitter
  • In 2018 Tenderstem® is once again the headline sponsor of the prestigious Guild of Food Writers’ annual awards – the UK’s largest food book, writing and media awards
  • Frozen Tenderstem® has been launched in the UK in a world first for the brand


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Email: info@coregeo.co.uk 

The Future for Tenderstem®

Andy Macdonald, Coregeo’s Managing Director, said: “The success of Tenderstem® is built on our unique business model and the consistent quality of the product. Sales have rocketed over the last decade and our challenge is to ensure we retain the product’s premium position by maintaining the premium quality it is known for and continuing to drive awareness and educate consumers in lots of fun, eye-catching ways. We know that once people try Tenderstem® they become fans, so we will continue to put the product out there in front of consumers to encourage them to give it a go. Our heavy investment in marketing, advertising, PR and digital activity will also continue to drive awareness and engagement.”

Andy Macdonald, Coregeo’s Managing Director




Below you’ll find examples of just a few of our successful campaigns, advertising and events for Tenderstem®

Taste of London

Taking the product to the consumer and showcasing its versatility at Foodie Festivals including Taste of London and Carfest.

Exclusive Recipes

Each year recipes are commissioned and mailers are sent out to journalists.

iPad advertising

Interactive clickable iPad adverts.

Press Advertising

It's Tender and you can eat all the stem!

Action Against Hunger

Proud supporter of Action Against Hunger - a global aid organisation working tirelessly around the world to reduce child hunger.


Taste sampling and promotional giveaways.

Guild of Food Writers

Headline sponsors

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