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Coregeo delivers real tangible value through its experience and expertise in creating, promoting and protecting brands for clients in the fresh produce industry, using a unique business model.


The result? Sustained year-on-year growth for our two best-known brands and strong progress for our newer brands. Pink Lady® is the UK’s number one fresh produce brand. Volume sales of Pink Lady® increased by 15% in 2018 to more than 68.5 million kilos, while sales of Tenderstem® grew by 18% to exceed 12.5 million kilos in 2018.


Click on our case studies below to see how we are delivering success to some of the fresh produce brands in the Coregeo® stable.

Case Studies

Find out how we’ve delivered success year-on-year for Pink Lady® apples and Tenderstem® broccoli...

Pink Lady® Apples

Positioned by Coregeo® as a premium product with stringent quality control procedures to ensure a consistent eating experience, has allowed Pink Lady® to command a premium significantly above mainstream apple varieties.

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Coregeo® has worked with the supply chain from growers to retailers to ensure that Tenderstem® occupies its own niche as a fresh produce brand. This has delivered constant and consistent increases in sales year upon year.

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Coregeo took over the licensing and marketing for Bimi® - the European brand name for Tenderstem® in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Scandinavia – in April 2016.

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Metis® made its debut in UK fresh produce aisles in April 2017 and awareness of the branded fruit continues to grow.

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