Bimi® engages stakeholders in country-specific approach

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Stakeholders within the European market, including retail buyers and licensees, are a fundamental part of the ongoing success of Bimi® broccoli. Coregeo has focussed strongly on engaging these key players with the brand and ensuring that they are informed of all Bimi® activity as well as the longer term ambitions for the brand.

Bimi® engages stakeholders in country-specific approach

Each country where Bimi® is sold has very different needs and preferences. Coregeo has recognised this by adopting a country-specific approach to a trade and consumer marketing strategy which takes into account this individuality. The key objective remains the same in each country – to continue to raise awareness of Bimi® broccoli and to grow sales volumes – but the approach differs depending on the requirements of each specific target market. Tactics vary from in-store activities to print advertising and customised social media programmes.

Here's a taste of the brand activity which is building awareness and driving sales across Europe:

  • Finland 2020/21 programme increased sales by 451% (June – Sept) through targeted shopper marketing and social media campaigns to support the launch of a local grower for the summer. See more information about our Finland activity HERE
  • Denmark 2020/21 programme increased sales by 56% (Apr – Feb) through retailer-specific promotions on their supermarket app, complemented by influencer and social media activity to support these programmes
  • Germany – programmes have focussed heavily on growing brand awareness to engage not only with consumers but also key role players within the complex retail network. Bimi® broccoli participated in trade shows such as the Edeka regional shows and Fruit Logistica to engage with the key role players in retail. The brand has also formed collaborations with influential media such as Daskochtresep and Bauer media, as well as food shows such as Eat & Style. These have been pivotal in growing brand awareness among consumers.
  • In Holland, Bimi® has collaborated with influencers like bestselling author and hormone expert, Vivian Reijs, for healthy recipe inspiration. Vivian has a wide following including more than 64,000 Instagram followers. The Bimi® Battle was another successful influencer collaboration.

Find out more about our Bimi® Battle HERE and our collaboration with Vivian Reijs HERE

  • Spain has been the biggest market for Bimi® to date and has supported the sales with focussed events with consumers as well as collaborations with key Spanish chefs to inspire and engage consumers. In 2019 the Bimi® print campaign was launched. The campaign brought to life the ingredients that go very well with Bimi®
  • Portugal, like Spain, has hosted a number of events to engage with consumers as well as collaborations with well-known chefs to create inspiring dishes for consumers to enjoy.

Bimi® broccoli is now available in 14 countries throughout Europe and grown in seven European countries (Spain, Portugal, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Holland and Switzerland). The brand continues to go from strength to strength.