Growing fresh produce into winning brands

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Coregeo will transform your fresh produce into a household brand

We work with breeders and growers, retailers and the food service industry across the globe to create and manage fresh produce brands and grow them into successful household names, like the UK’s top two fresh produce brands, Pink Lady® apples and Tenderstem® broccoli, and Bimi® in Europe.

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Creating commercial value from seed to sale


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Coregeo will work with you from seed to sale to ensure you penetrate the right markets, delivering strong commercial value. We will help you to find your point of difference and grow your success by bringing your story to life.

Breeders &

Licensed Partners

Licensed Partners

Licensed partners have access to all our services and expertise. We will build commercial value and drive strategic growth by helping you to reach wider audiences and break into new markets using our unique licensing business model, and marketing expertise.


Brand Managers

Brand Managers

Our brand managers breathe new life into existing and brands and create new brands. Dynamic sales and marketing plans are developed to align with your brand ambitions and budget. We can help to open doors, build partnerships and drive profitability, by adding value at every stage of your commercial journey.


Retail & Food Service

Retail & Food Service

We support retailers and the food service industry to grow sales and profitability by ensuring the customer experience strategies we develop translate into loyal customers who resonate with the brands we have and buy our premium brands in shops and restaurants, time and time again.

Retailers &
Food Service

We provide flexible services with a successful track record

Coregeo gives you access to a full and flexible range of services aimed at helping you to optimise the commercial value of your brand or product. We will take your product from field to fork by adding value throughout its journey to market and build long-term customer loyalty.

Our specialist services include:

  • Intellectual property (IP) protection and management
  • Strategic marketing and brand management
  • Quality assurance and compliance
  • Licensing, administrative and financial management support


Growing fresh produce into winning brands Growing fresh produce into winning brands
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