Ready to start competing on a global stage?

Leveraging brand strengths to tap into global markets

Coregeo helps fresh produce brands compete on a global stage by leveraging the strength of the brands.

Strategies for raising awareness & driving sales

Working with brand owners and knowledgeable agency partners on the ground in target territories, Coregeo will create a commercial strategy to tap into global markets to raise awareness, assist with distribution and drive sales.

We continue to do this successfully for the existing brands in our stable, using our expertise and experience as well as customer insight and analytics, to develop a cohesive trade and consumer marketing strategy.

Ready to start competing on a global stage?
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Ready to start competing on a global stage?


Bimi® now has a growing presence in 12 global markets: France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark and Poland with plans to extend further into markets across Europe. Tenderstem® (the UK name for Bimi®) is also available in the UAE.

Ready to start competing on a global stage?

Pink Lady®

Leveraging the strength of the Pink Lady® brand around the world has helped to create a successful market for the UK’s number one fresh produce brand in the Middle East and in Southeast Asia. Targeted marketing and a strong protected brand, together with a consistent and reliable quality, have ensured growing sales in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Thailand as well as the UK.

Sun Growth Apple Leaf

Our global markets span 22 countries