Build value and grow sales with a Brand Partnership

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Driving your growth
from seed to sales

Do you have a fresh produce seed, product or idea, but don’t know where to start? Or do you already have a fresh product brand and want to take it to the next level? Whatever stage you’re at, a brand partnership with Coregeo will provide you with the expertise and proven track record to grow your idea or brand with dynamic results.

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Why do you need a Brand Partnership?

Finding a good buyer or penetrating the right market is vitally important. But as a breeder or grower, this can be tough to achieve alone. Coregeo makes the process easier for you, through a range of specialist services that add real commercial value at every step of the way.

Our experts transform your product into a unique household brand, connecting shoppers and retailers, and creating brand-loyal customers.

From seed to sales, we manage every aspect of your brand, and use our global network to extend your product’s reach to consumers worldwide.

Build value and grow sales with a Brand Partnership
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Partnerships with licensed brands & managed brands

We partner with breeders and licensed partners, as well as retailers and the food service industry, to manage the strategic development of licensed brands like Pink Lady® and Tenderstem® and managed brands such as GEM® avocados.

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Licensed Brands

Our unique licensing model enables us to work with breeders and growers to discover and develop the commercial value and potential of a distinctive product or even to explore just the seed of an idea. We license growers and distributors to produce and sell fruit or vegetables which have been branded.

Licensing fees are ploughed back into promoting and marketing the product to extend its reach, increase sales and to build a loyal customer base. Licensing involves exacting quality standards which enable the brand to demand a premium price in the marketplace.

Breeders and growers have access to all our resources, experience and global industry networks which help to open doors, to launch and grow brands, to smooth out supply chains and to position a product as a high-quality premium product.

This makes it easier for breeders and growers to get on with the work needed out in the field to cultivate a stand-out product that will generate a profitable yield. All of this gives breeders and growers a real competitive advantage. Pink Lady® and Tenderstem® are just two examples of licensed brands that we have transformed into successful household names.

Build value and grow sales with a Brand Partnership

Managed Brands

We also work with breeders, growers and brand owners to manage existing fresh produce brands, such as GEM® avocados, or develop brands using the managed model. In this marketing led commercial model, we develop strategies that align with the brand ambition with an agreed allocated budget. In this model, breeders, growers and brand owners still have access to all of our expertise and resources.

We will work with you to find your point of difference and to bring your product and your brand to life. In the same way, we will help to manage your brand’s development, covering everything from initial brand protection and quality assurance to marketing and promotion. It is a flexible arrangement that means we can help you as much or as little as you want us to, allowing you to choose the services that you need most at any given time.

Build value and grow sales with a Brand Partnership
Build value and grow sales with a Brand Partnership

With a brand partnership, there really are no limits

We will work with you to:

Create and develop your product and find your point of difference/USP

Manage its commercial development all the way to market (brand protection, packaging, quality assurance, marketing, opening retailer doors...)

Grow it into a successful brand by bringing your product and your brand story to life

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Build value and grow sales with a Brand Partnership
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