We create brand value and build customer loyalty

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Cultivating winning brands

Coregeo has been successfully pioneering the commercialisation of fresh produce brands using a unique business model since 1999. We have grown licensed brands like Pink Lady® apples and Tenderstem® broccoli into premium products and household names. Our approach enables us to invest in stand-out marketing, social media, digital, PR and promotion campaigns and brand management services through our licensed business and management model.

Successful Brand Management

Successful brand management and development raises awareness, influences purchasing decisions, builds customer loyalty and increases sales.

We can also add real value to managed brands, working with brand owners and retailers to develop commercial plans in line with budgets and brand ambitions.

Our in-house operational and consumer lead team will create a tailor-made approach to suit your individual needs, ensuring we add value at every step of the journey.

We create brand value and build customer loyalty
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We provide a flexible service for breeders and our licensed partners, from field to fork

We partner with breeders and licensed partners, as well as retailers and the food service industry to manage the strategic development of licensed brands like Pink Lady® and Tenderstem® and managed brands such as GEM® avocados.

We create brand value and build customer loyalty


Brand licensing is a tried and tested way to manage, grow and market your business. The success of top fresh produce brands like Tenderstem® and Pink Lady® stems from this approach.

Through a unique licensing model and our brand management expertise and experience, we help to grow brands strategically. The licensing model enables Coregeo to invest in developing, protecting and marketing brands to build their commercial value and drive growth.

Brands have access to all of our services and hands-on support from our entire operational team through this approach, including intellectual property protection, quality assurance services and innovative marketing capability and creativity.

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We create brand value and build customer loyalty


Some brand owners prefer to develop their brands with a fixed budget for services such as marketing strategies and plans. Coregeo has the expertise and the experience of working with brands like GEM® avocados, in growing their business and brand this way.

Coregeo can help you to create a dynamic business development strategy to drive the growth and profitability of your brand. In addition, we can help with retail research, intelligence and insights and with opening doors and building partnerships with influential industry professionals.

Using some or all of our brand management services, we will provide you with value for money and the best possible return on investment. Our aim is to add value at every stage of your journey to market, and as you look to extend and develop your brand further.

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Our Specialist Services

Our comprehensive and flexible range of specialist services will take your fresh produce idea or brand to the next level, adding value and driving growth at every stage.

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Protection & Management

    Intellectual Property (IP) Protection & Management

  • Strategic Marketing & Brand Management

    Strategic Marketing & Brand Management

  • Quality Assurance & Compliance

    Quality Assurance & Compliance

  • Licensing, Administrative & Financial Management Support

    Licensing, Administrative & Financial Management Support

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What others say about us

“The insights, knowledge and understanding the Coregeo team has of the fresh produce industry as a whole is instantly clear from working with them. The fact they have seen so much success with both Pink Lady® and Tenderstem® clearly indicates to us they have a very strong and loyal following at both trade and consumer level. They have consistently been able to gain and maintain a premium price in a very competitive market. There is a lot ourselves and others could learn from the Coregeo business.”

John Giles, Promar

Working with Coregeo means we get to flex our creative muscles. Their highly knowledgeable team understand what it takes to not only create a number one brand, but maintain those standards, delivering impactful campaigns across multiple channels and global markets. Their strategical knowledge, appetite and creative bravery is applied to all of their brands, in every market, working seamlessly with local agencies and global ones alike.

Andy Reid, McCann Bristol

Coregeo, and the brands they manage, always have innovative and interesting campaigns to talk to us about. The team keep us informed and included, and continue to maximise the potential of branded products in fresh produce. 

Fred Searle, FPJ

Coregeo understand the high standards a premium brand requires to deliver customer satisfaction. Working with their inhouse QC team and the suppliers/licensees, we ensure Tesco consumers are getting the very best fresh produce every time.

John Worth, Tesco

It’s great to work with an enthusiastic team who believe in their product. The Bimi® team work together with us and the supplier to help deliver strong results with creative solutions.

Liisa Eronen, Kesko