The success of a Pink Lady® apple

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Pink Lady® is the world’s first apple brand and the UK’s number one fresh produce brand, with sales of more than 74 million kilos in 2020.

The success of a Pink Lady® apple

Coregeo Ltd has masterminded the successful commercialisation of Pink Lady® since 2004 using the company’s unrivalled experience and expertise in intellectual property, brand management and consumer marketing services and a unique business model to achieve year-on-year success for the brand.

Total brand awareness of Pink Lady® rose from 80% of the UK population in 2016 to 86% in 2020 and UK penetration is at the highest ever at 38% of the population.

Pink Lady® Facts

Setting the standard

Pink Lady® is the world’s first apple brand and one of the most instantly recognisable fresh produce brands on UK supermarket shelves today.

Growth on growth

Sales of the premium apple product have more than trebled over the last 10 years, generating business worth £195 million in 2020.

A household name

Pink Lady® continues to be the UK’s second largest apple with a 19.5% share of the market by value with a 38% household penetration.

Recipe for success

An uncompromising approach to maintaining the product’s premium quality and consistency and bold, attention-grabbing marketing campaigns which take the apple to the consumer and build brand loyalty are at the heart of the business model. Activities have included TV advertising, digital and press advertising, PR, social, in-store promotions, high profile sponsorship and charitable partnerships to e-marketing to over 100,000 Pink Lady® website subscribers. For every kilo of apples sold, Coregeo charges a royalty which pays for this intense level of marketing activity as well as protection of the brand. No other apple can compete on this scale. Coregeo’s reputation and global connections in the fresh produce industry are also unparalleled.

Results that speak for themselves

  • Pink Lady® apple sales rose by 6.7% by volume and 15.1% by value in 2020, to £195 million. Brand awareness increased from 82% in 2019 to 86% in 2020.

  •  A new advertising campaign was launched in June 2020, including Pink Lady®’s first ever UK TV advertising campaign to bring to life the multi-sensory explosion of eating a Pink Lady® apple. Coinciding with amplification of the campaign across all channels, and strong retailer promotional activity, sales across the Southern Hemisphere increased almost 17% year on year.

  • Visits to the website rose by 51% year-on-year in 2020, with a 146% increase in user numbers.

  • Brand awareness and engagement continues to rise through social media channels with more than 8 million people reached in 2020 across Facebook and Instagram delivering over 7 million post engagements. Subscribers to Pink Lady® are now over 108,000 active members.

  • Pink Lady® has been the headline sponsor of the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year awards since the competition began in 2011. 2021 sees the 10th anniversary of the awards, regarded as the Oscars of the food photography world and, with a strong digital presence, the awards will reach more people than ever.

  • In 2020 Pink Lady® started working with FareShare, the UK's largest charity fighting hunger and food waste, to help combat hunger and food poverty, donating more than 80,000 top quality apples to vulnerable families. Joanna Dyson, Head of Food at FareShare, said: “Top quality fresh fruit is particularly valuable as we are committed to providing as much nutritious, healthy food as possible for the children and families supported by FareShare’s network of 11,000 charities. With many people facing financial struggles and food insecurity over the festive season, this donation from Pink Lady® and their partners will make a big difference to the communities we support.”

  • The marketing of Pink Lady® has been held up as the “benchmark for branded agriculture and food” by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.


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