New avocado brand is a real GEM®

Coregeo has worked with the brand owner of GEM® avocados, Greencell, since 2018 to successfully manage the brand’s development, launch and ongoing marketing strategy.

New avocado brand is a real GEM®

A GEM® of an idea

Greencell was already the most successful importer of avocados to the UK when the company approached Coregeo about a unique new GEM® variety. Greencell needed to protect its product and asked Coregeo to become involved to build the brand from scratch.

The bar has been set high. Greencell’s ambition is to transform GEM® into the number one avocado brand in the UK. Having turned Pink Lady® apples and Tenderstem® broccoli into the top two fresh produce brands in the UK, Coregeo has both the proven track record and the experience and expertise to drive this ambition for GEM®.

Building brand awareness from nothing is a challenge in itself, especially when you also need to justify a premium price for what is already regarded in the marketplace as a premium product. However, the biggest challenge facing the GEM® brand is to develop a consistent 12-month long season. Consistent product quality and supply are two critical factors when you are trying to maintain or increase brand awareness. Coregeo will devise strategies focussed on the seasonality of the product and the opportunities for consumers within that season to overcome this challenge.

Integrated strategy

The focus to date has been very much on educating a target market on what makes GEM® a unique, gourmet avocado. The brand has struck an exclusive partnership with Tesco to boost market penetration and trial offers have led to repeat purchases among consumers.

Using an integrated strategy which includes all marketing touchpoints, the plan has been to concentrate on giving consumers more reasons to try GEM®. Social channels including Facebook (@GemAvocadoUK) and Instagram are being used to support this strategy too and Coregeo has also developed the brand’s new website at This explains the GEM® story and features recipes using GEM®. The future looks bright for GEM® as brand awareness gathers momentum. Coregeo is developing new ways of communicating to consumers. This includes launching a TikTok channel and working closely with influencers such as former MasterChef finalist Dean Edwards to develop new and exciting interactive content.

Graham Isaac, Head of Retail at Greencell, said: “Coregeo has been a fantastic marketing partner for our gourmet avocado brand GEM®. From inception to brand development and launch, their advice and learnings from other brands within their stable, have been a valuable resource. They adapt quickly, working within budget to deliver creative, effective marketing campaigns.”

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