Year-on-year growth for Tenderstem®

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Coregeo, as Master Licensor for Tenderstem® in the UK, has masterminded the year-on-year growth of Tenderstem® using its unique business model and its unparalleled mix of intellectual property expertise, brand management experience and innovative trade and consumer marketing services.

Year-on-year growth for Tenderstem®

Tenderstem® is the leading brand of brassica in the UK and the UK’s second largest fresh produce brand – behind Pink Lady®. The premium brand has enjoyed double-digit growth since Coregeo took ownership of the brand and is listed in all major UK retailers.

In 2020 Tenderstem® achieved just under £65 million retail value sales and saw just over 20% of UK households enjoying Tenderstem® at home^

At the end of 2017 frozen Tenderstem® was launched in the UK and now sees the brand presence extended to new parts of the retail environment. Frozen Tenderstem® is available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Iceland, Waitrose and Ocado. Frozen Tenderstem® has grown significantly in 2020 and is a great example of how Coregeo works in partnership with our licensees to take advantage of new opportunities.


Brand development

A year-round ‘stemsational’ (the Tenderstem® sensational) advertising campaign, including a strong digital presence, has continued to drive home the key benefits of Tenderstem® in a fun and engaging way, strengthening awareness of the brand and its versatility as well as driving a deeper engagement with consumers. 

Driving category growth

Tenderstem® has been a significant driver of the speciality growth category. Tenderstem® retail value sales have grown by 46% vs. the speciality category at +14% and total vegetable category at +10%.p

More and more consumers are enjoying Tenderstem®

Tenderstem® is now enjoyed by 23% of UK households that’s nearly 6million households¥

A household name

Tenderstem® brand awareness has doubled since 2012 with now 62%µ of UK consumers recognising the brand

Results that speak for themselves

  • Tenderstem® sales now exceed £65m in retail value sales^
  • Tenderstem® continues to outperform other categories
  • 23% of UK households enjoy Tenderstem®^
  • Awareness of the brand in the UK has doubled to 62% µ
  • The brand has extended into the Frozen category with Frozen Tenderstem® was launched in 2017


  • ^ - Kantar worldpanel, 52 WE 27th December 2020 retail value sales & penetration data
  • p - Kantar worldpanel, 52 WE 18th April 2021 retail value sales data
  • ¥ - Kantar worldpanel, 52 WE 27th December penetration data
  • µ - IPSOS brand tracking data September 2019, aided awareness

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