Investment in Bimi® brand builds awareness and drives sales

Bimi® broccoli is the European sister brand of Tenderstem® broccoli, which has enjoyed stellar success in the UK. Coregeo, as its pan-European master licensor, is using its unique business model and brand management expertise and experience to replicate the Tenderstem® success story in Europe with Bimi®.

Investment in Bimi® brand builds awareness and drives sales

Significant investment, by all stakeholders, has been made to support an integrated and brand-focussed marketing strategy for Bimi® broccoli. As a result, sales have soared and, in the last year, sales volumes (kg) had increased by 25% vs the previous fiscal year.  Coregeo’s drive for consistent branded packaging, focussed shopper marketing activities, engaging social media campaigns and strong collaborations with media and influencers, together with the passion and energy of the Bimi® licensees and the commitment of the retailers, have all contributed to boost the brand’s profile and drive sales

The team at Coregeo® have collaborated with leading food, health and lifestyle publications as well as writers and influencers by sharing inspiring recipe ideas and demonstrating how easy it is to prepare Bimi® broccoli to raise awareness of the brand with consumers.. The development of websites in nine different languages as well as a successful database and newsletter programme have increased consumer engagement opportunities too.

Coregeo has not only engaged with consumers but has also focussed strongly on ensuring that key players, from retail buyers and licensees to growers, within the European market, are engaged with the brand and informed of all activities and the potential of the brand. Stakeholders play a pivotal role in the success of Bimi® broccoli. Their continued passion for the brand is helping to deliver a recipe for success.                     

Coregeo, together with Bimi® stakeholders, recognises the individuality of each country’s needs and preferences and creates programmes tailored for each country. In-store activities, print advertising and customised social media programmes are all helping to build brand awareness and drive growth in sales volume. See separate case study on our country-specific approach.

As well as soaring sales, more than 16,000 consumers have signed up to receive regular newsletters and information about the brand. Throughout the coronavirus lockdown, Bimi® broccoli retail sales grew by 49% (April 2020 – Mar 2021).

Bimi® broccoli is now available in 14 countries throughout Europe and is grown in seven countries across Europe (Spain, Portugal, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Holland and Switzerland).

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