Rebranding: 5 questions to ask yourself

If your business is well-established and successful, you may never have even thought of rebranding. But the business landscape is constantly changing and sometimes you may need to check that your business is up to speed and remains relevant.

Rebranding: 5 questions to ask yourself

Companies rebrand for lots of different reasons:

  • a change in the business model or company goals
  • to appeal to a new demographic
  • to overcome a negative reputation
  • as a result of new technological advances
  • in response to competitor activity
  • changing customer habits or preferences
  • to inject new life into an outdated brand.

A rebrand offers a company the opportunity to strengthen its image by demonstrating that it is still relevant and a key player. When considering a rebrand, a good starting point is to think about your company’s mission statement and brand values:

  • What is it that you’re in business to do and how do you do it?
  • What does your brand stand for?
  • What is the company’s ethos?
  • How do you communicate your brand to your customers?

Coregeo undertook a brand refresh to reflect a global shift in focus beyond the company’s fresh produce marketing and brand management expertise. Although Coregeo is best known for its work with brands like Pink Lady® apples and Tenderstem® broccoli, its services and impact have expanded as the company has grown. It now works closely with breeders, growers, retailers and the food service industry across the globe to create, develop and manage fresh produce ideas and grow them into winning brands.

Coregeo is a leader in its field and the brand refresh, which included modernising the company logo, underlines the ways that Coregeo innovates to add value to its customers’ businesses. The refresh also aligns all Coregeo’s communication platforms so that the company has a consistent and effective way of connecting and engaging with its expanded network of new, existing and potential customers.

If you’re thinking of a rebrand or refresh, ask yourself these five questions:

1. Why do we want to rebrand?

2. Is this a big or a small rebrand ie do we want to completely change our branding or just want to freshen things up a bit by reimagining our brand’s look and feel?

3. Do we know what our target audience thinks about our brand?

4. What powerful story do we want our brand to tell?

5. What is our current identity - not just the company name and logo! Does it align with our current or future business goals? Are we getting our message across effectively to our customers?

Then make a plan. A refresh or a rebranding process takes time and requires managing to ensure it stays on track: Get the team involved wherever possible. Some of the best ideas may come from the least likely corners of the company.

There may be parts of your brand that you want to retain and elements you definitely want to change. Assess the current branding critically and constructively to identify its strengths and weaknesses. Make sure all your marketing materials reflect your new brand – from your website and display materials to newsletters and email signatures. And ensure everyone in your company is clear about the way you want to communicate as a company – from the receptionist handling a sales enquiry to after-sales services. Every touchpoint including your brand tone of voice needs to be consistent and this cohesiveness will contribute to your powerful brand story.

Finally, there is no point rebranding your business and then keeping quiet about it. Shout it from the rooftops with a well-planned launch that explains why you have rebranded, and highlight the value you can add to your current and future customers.

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