David Leach

Compliance Inspector

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David Leach

David joined Coregeo in April 2011 when the company’s growth demanded a full-time compliance role. He spends most of his working week out on the road, visiting licensees, fruit stores and retail stores, inspecting produce and advising on compliance issues.

“My aim is to add value to the licensees, technical teams and produce managers by working with them and educating them about how to keep our premium brands in the best condition all the way to the supermarket shelves. This means happy customers and more sales.”

WIBIT principle

In his daily role visiting licensees or stores, David rigorously inspects and tests produce to ensure it meets specific quality levels. In relation to Pink Lady® apples, he checks their appearance, signs of physical defect, maturity levels, firmness of the fruit, sugar content and whether the apples bear the famous Pink Lady® flowing heart logo. Detailed reports are produced after all inspections.

“I’m checking to make sure the fruit meets the spirit of the brand specification and is not being misrepresented at any stage of its journey to the supermarket shelves. In a nutshell ‘Would I Buy IT?’ (WIBIT). Is it what I would expect from a premium product?”

Mistaken identity

“I also look for infringements of the brand, where someone is trying to pass a fruit off as being Pink Lady® when it’s not. The same goes for Tenderstem® and Bimi® broccoli, and any other brands we have in the Coregeo stable. All products need to be clearly identified as Registered Trademark products. It’s our job to protect the brand.”

 Adding value

“I want what licensees and retailers want, for the brand to be well represented, and as a consequence for business to expand and for sales to improve. Through awareness-raising and open, honest and collaborative working relationships, we can stop minor issues growing into major commercial setbacks.”

Rocket man

In his spare time David is a qualified pyrotechnician which means he is skilled in the safe handling and use of fireworks. He does several firework displays each year.

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