Lacey Bradshaw

Head of Strategy and Planning

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Lacey Bradshaw

Experienced marketing professional Lacey has a real appetite for success.

Before joining Coregeo as Marketing manager for Tenderstem®, she spent 8 years at Fromageries Bel, which included a year working in Milan as well as three years as the senior marketing manager, with the responsibility for repositioning The Laughing Cow as a snack food and expanding the Mini Babybel brand’s reach.

Having also spent three years as a senior brand manager for a leading multivitamin brand, Lacey’s mix of food and healthcare marketing experience is set to give Tenderstem® a healthy boost.

“I want to inspire consumers to create easy, healthy meals using Tenderstem® by developing ideas and strategies that engage more people in experiencing the brand. Tenderstem® has enjoyed phenomenal growth so the challenge is to continue its success in new and exciting ways.”

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