Pink Lady® donates 50,000 apples to FareShare to combat holiday hunger

Pink Lady® apples, the number 1 fresh produce brand, has announced a partnership with FareShare, the UK's largest charity fighting hunger and food waste.

Pink Lady® donates 50,000 apples to FareShare to combat holiday hunger

The leading apple brand has committed to a financial donation as well as providing 50,000 apples in support of FareShare’s Summer Appeal which aims to combat hunger and malnutrition amongst children and families over the summer, at a time when people are facing greater financial strain because of the coronavirus pandemic. FareShare takes donated and surplus produce from the food industry and redistributes it to charities across the UK.

The charity estimates organisations supporting children and families will need at least 40% more food over the summer holidays compared to pre-crisis levels. The provision of apples from Pink Lady® will be donated over the course of June, July and August, and will be distributed by FareShare to charitable organisations and community groups across the country who are in need of nutritious food for the families they support.

Adele Fash, Commercial Manager at FareShare said: “FareShare is now serving 25% more organisations providing food to vulnerable children and families than it did before the lockdown began, so we are thrilled to have this donation from Pink Lady® apples. Fresh fruit is particularly valuable as we are committed to providing as much nutritious, healthy food as possible for the children and families who rely on these donations.

“With many people facing financial struggles and food insecurity due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this donation from Pink Lady® will make a big difference to the communities we support.”

Kyla Flynn, PR and Social Manager for Pink Lady® apples said: “We are so pleased to be able to support the fantastic work FareShare is doing at such a difficult time for many people across the country. We regularly hear from families who tell us that Pink Lady® apples are their favourite snack, so we hope this donation of apples, to children and families who are at risk of going hungry over the summer months due to the multitude of difficulties presented by coronavirus, will be a way of showing our support. As a brand we believe that every family should have the chance to enjoy the summer as happily and healthily as possible, so we’re pleased to be able to support FareShare in this effort.”

FareShare regularly accept fresh produce from a variety of organisations. Its belief is that fresh produce is essential for the people it supports and shouldn’t go to waste. Fresh produce brands can easily donate surplus stock to the organisation and the team are always happy to work within the operational needs of donors to make the process as simple and sustainable as possible.

Kyla Flynn comments: “We have been impressed by how straight forward it is to donate Pink Lady® apples to FareShare. The team there have an in-depth understanding of how the industry works and have developed an infrastructure and processes that make it practical for brands to make donations either as a one-off, or an ongoing basis.”