Pink Lady® launches first television advertising campaign in UK

Pink Lady® apples, the UK’s number one fresh produce brand, is launching its first ever UK television advertising campaign this month, as part of an extensive media initiative to further elevate brand awareness and communicate the unique eating experience of a perfect Pink Lady® apple.

Pink Lady® launches first television advertising campaign in UK

The campaign, which will use new brand creative developed by McCann Worldwide will launch on Friday 12th June on Channel 4 during a centre break of Gogglebox, a prime spot within the channel’s programming. The TV ads will continue to roll out across Channel 4, More 4, E4, Dave, W Channel and Alibi throughout the month of June.

The television advertising campaign, which has seen a significant investment from the brand, uses new creative that brings to life the multisensory experience of eating a Pink Lady® apple, informed by an extensive schedule of consumer research and focus groups. Using this new creative execution, the campaign will be further amplified across print, digital and social media advertising, as well as integrated into communications through PR and across Pink Lady® digital channels.

Additionally, to support the television advertising campaign, retailers Aldi and Co-Op will be running 725,000 on-pack stickers using the new creative to further support the campaign and the arrival of the southern hemisphere crop.

Lynn Shaw, marketing manager at Pink Lady® said: “We are excited to launch a TV advertising campaign in the UK for the first time, particularly because our energising new brand creative really brings to life the sweet taste, crisp crunch and juicy boost of a Pink Lady®

“The advertising is enabling us to speak to our key demographic with a schedule targeting primetime, at this important period for new season apples launching instore. We are confident that the TV advertising paired with on-pack stickers with key retailers for the campaign period will build brand awareness among new and existing fans, bolstering our position as the UK’s number one apple and fresh produce brand.”

The Pink Lady® television advertising campaign will premiere on Channel 4 on Friday 12th June during the Gogglebox centre break.

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