Tenderstem® broccoli teams up with Dr Rupy Aujla of The Doctor’s Kitchen

Tenderstem® broccoli has announced a partnership with cookbook author, NHS GP and founder of The Doctor’s Kitchen, Dr Rupy Aujla for its latest campaign.

Tenderstem® broccoli teams up with Dr Rupy Aujla of The Doctor’s Kitchen

The leading brassica brand has collaborated with the Sunday Times bestselling author to appeal to health-conscious shoppers and to position Tenderstem® broccoli as the perfect ingredient to have on hand for quick and nutritious mid-week lunches and suppers.

Dr Rupy is known for creating healthy and delicious recipes as well as his ethos of the medicinal effects of eating well. His channel, The Doctor’s Kitchen, has 200,000 followers on Instagram and he has released two cookbooks: The Doctor’s Kitchen and Eat to Beat Illness.

Dr Rupy will act as a Tenderstem® brand ambassador in a series of videos in which he demonstrates three brand new recipes, each showing how Tenderstem® broccoli can be the star of the dish, creating a nutritious and tasty mid-week meal.

The collaboration will form the basis of an extensive schedule of social media advertising for the brand, rolling out from August for the remainder of 2020. The collaboration will also appear on The Doctor’s Kitchen Instagram feed and will be shared across the Tenderstem® broccoli website and newsletter as well as being promoted through PR.

Lacey Bradshaw, marketing manager for Tenderstem® broccoli said: “Our research indicated that many consumers who are already familiar with Tenderstem® broccoli as an ingredient are confident cooks who are looking for quick and easy meal inspiration. One of the main priorities for this group of shoppers is health and nutrition, which is why we’re so excited to have Dr Rupy on board.

“As a brand we’re always keen to adapt to consumers’ needs, which have changed dramatically over the course of recent months. The pandemic has seen an increase in the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables and healthy scratch cooking is at the top of the agenda for many, which was the reasoning behind this campaign’s positioning. Out-of-home eating has declined hugely, making the way for new recipe ideas for at-home lunches and dinners.”

The new recipes and video content featuring Dr Rupy will go live on Tenderstem® broccoli’s digital channels from the start of August.