Tenderstem® broccoli plans focus on special occasions as COVID restrictions relax

Tenderstem® broccoli has reached a new record in volume sales, beating the 2 million kg mark twice in three months. December 2020 was the first time sales of the speciality brassica exceeded 2 million kilos in a single month, an impressive performance which was repeated in February this year.

Tenderstem® broccoli plans focus on special occasions as COVID restrictions relax

As restrictions gradually relax and families and friends start to plan reunions, Tenderstem® broccoli will be building on its strong growth in the speciality vegetable category with a focus on celebratory meals, designed to introduce new consumers to the brand.

Research carried out by Elephants Can’t Jump on behalf of Tenderstem® broccoli identified shoppers are choosing to trade-up and include speciality vegetables in meals for special occasions, such as Christmas and Easter, despite the restrictions and limitations placed on get-togethers by the pandemic.

Tenderstem® broccoli marketing manager Lacey Bradshaw said: “Having made such an impact on the category over the festive period, we are confident we can continue to drive growth. Annual celebrations are key for our best-selling brassica and we will be focusing on promoting Tenderstem® broccoli as a great choice for that special occasion as we move into the Easter period.

“Our aim is always to inspire consumers with new recipe ideas and methods of cooking Tenderstem® broccoli to demonstrate the versatility of the product. We believe our planned activity will continue to provide them with the confidence they need in the kitchen as we move towards a less restrictive phase of the pandemic and families can aim to celebrate together.”

Dedicated trade marketing activity will be underpinned by an extensive programme of advertising and PR and social media, including plenty of inspirational content created to show how Tenderstem® broccoli can bring a little extra to the plate, whether you are cooking for your household or celebrating with a wider group.

With total volume sales for 2020 up 25% year on year, at almost 20 million kilos, the Tenderstem® broccoli brand has helped to drive the speciality vegetable category forward, maximising the increased demand for at-home consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables during the pandemic. Following a 67.1% uplift in sales over Christmas and a record-breaking February the brand is now looking to implement this new activity ahead of Easter, another key occasion for consumers.