Our top Veganuary picks for January

Our top Veganuary picks for January

When it comes to key food calendar dates, it doesn’t get much bigger than Veganuary.


The annual awareness month, which runs for the duration of January, is much more than a marketing hook cooked up by a brand. It’s a movement, promoting a more ethical approach to food consumption.


It’s all about encouraging people to try out, and ultimately adopt, a more sustainable approach to sourcing and eating foods.


The rise in veganism


It’s no secret that the plant-based food market is growing at pace.


According to Statista, there were an estimated 6.62 million vegans in selected parts of the EU as of 2023, and that number is forecast to rise to about 8.25 million.


Data shows that the global plant-based market currently sits at 52.5 billion US dollars and is expected to reach 77.8 billion US dollars in 2025. In fact, it is predicted that the vegan food market will have more than doubled and could make up 7.7% of the global protein market by 2030.


Opting for ‘vegan produce’ is no longer just a necessity to fuel a particularly dietary lifestyle. Today, many non-vegan consumers are showing a preference for plant-based alternatives, in an attempt to be healthier and more sustainable.


This is something we can absolutely get behind here at Coregeo, as we work with brands and partners that champion healthy, sustainable eating.


From our work with Veracruz to promote their Mediterranean almonds to plant-based cheese producers, to our delicious GEM® Avocado vegan recipes, it’s all about supporting people as they move towards a plant-based diet.


If you’re looking for some Veganuary inspiration, here are some of our favourite recipes from our brilliant brand partners.


Senegalese Yassa stew with Tenderstem® broccoli

This Senegal-inspired Yassa stew with Tenderstem® is a delicious vegan take on this hot and sour dish, created by food influencer Kellie’s Food to Glow.


GEM® Avocado Vegan Poke Bowl

This delicious GEM® avocado Vegan poke bowl was created by happyskinkitchen, using GEM® - a rare, gold flecked variety of avocado which has a slightly nutty flavour and is wonderfully buttery!


Pink Lady® Apple and Celeriac Soup

This delicious soup is the perfect winter warmer for a tasty Veganuary lunch, using almond milk to give it an extra creamy finish.


Tenderstem® Broccoli & Mushroom One-Pot Pasta

This vegan recipe, created by food blogger, Veggie Desserts, combines simple flavours for a delicious dish that will be ready in just 20 minutes. Add frozen Tenderstem® broccoli right at the end for added crunch and vibrant colour.


Vegan Korean Fries with GEM® Avocado

This one certainly packs a punch and is a real vegan-friendly comfort food feast. GEM® avocado, sriracha sauce and chips! What’s not to love.


Pink Lady® Oaty Breakfast Bars

These Pink Lady® oaty breakfast bars are packed with goodness from wholemeal flour, oats, nuts, flaxseed – and of course Pink Lady® apples. Almond milk and vegan yoghurt replace the butter traditionally used in this baked bar, making it 100% vegan approved.