Bimi® broccoli strengthens team with new appointment

Continued demand for the unique vegetable Bimi® broccoli, sees dedicated investment in the team with the appointment of Hans Renia, Food Chain Manager at Sakata Vegetables Europe. Hans brings with him a wealth of experience and passion. His remit currently focuses on Northern Europe, strengthening the full service support the Bimi® broccoli supply chain receives.

Bimi® broccoli strengthens team with new appointment

Hans, an experienced international Agricultural Marketing and Sales Manager, fluent in German and English, has previously worked with growers, vegetable traders and retailers both in the USA and across Europe. Holding a PhD in potato economics from the University of Edinburgh, he previously worked in the fresh produce sector when involved in the promotion of specialty tomatoes, melons, and watermelons.

Hans Renia, Sakata Vegetables Europe, Food Chain Manager commented on his appointment: “I’m really looking forward to supporting the Bimi® broccoli brand through my appointment at Sakata Vegetables Europe. My goal is to connect consumers, growers, traders, and retailers year-round. The product offers a positive and hopeful story, particularly important during the Covid-19 pandemic. In mainland Europe there are still many people who have yet to try Bimi® broccoli, so I’m looking forward to sharing this with our consumers.”

Bimi® broccoli is a long, slim, and elegant looking vegetable, rich green in colour, even when cooked. Coregeo®, the pan-European master licensor of Bimi® broccoli, is working closely with brand owner and seed supplier Sakata Vegetables Europe, to offer consumers variety in the fresh produce aisle by delivering consistently, high quality, Bimi® broccoli.

When asked how he enjoys eating Bimi® broccoli, Hans commented: “I like to quickly blanche my Bimi® broccoli and use them to dip in swiss cheese fondue. In addition, if you are looking to try something new, then you should try the product with traditional Greek dishes.”